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What I stumbled upon next, sent sensations down my spine. Straight Jacket was playing music for us, or so I thought.People were gathered in, what I thought was another office. What was actually taking place, was the recording of a song.The crowd went insane and I had my notebook at the ready. Both men looked more than happy to be there, doing it again. Shaggy and Violent J went on to talk about the idea behind Big Ballas and all of the incredible things they do for the juggalos to, “Keep up with the freshness.” They talked about how amazing they wanted Big Ballas to be.Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope sat down in the chairs, holding their mics and looked down at the track list. So they came up with the idea to invite the juggalos to their house for Christmas. Three Rings was announced as the first song of the Big Ballas acoustic set. We couldn’t understand why.” Violent J began telling the story behind the next song. We were given the history of a song that Shaggy 2 Dope admitted to screwing up when performing live.

I pitched one of my own and I got a little insight. I was able to join the Juggalo Show, interact with Kegan, Rude Boy and DJ Carlito. After I won my prizes out of Kegan’s pocket, this is what I said to him.

He pointed at the gold and platinum plaques that hung on the wall.

Among them, was a glass frame with wooden planks that said Big Money Rustlas.

With that said, I wondered just how much of the building we truly got to see. I think old school juggalos will appreciate this, but we got to see Chad standing in the corner of the room.

After hearing Jumpsteady’s stories and watching him interact, left his office and grabbed myself a glass of Black Cherry Faygo on the rocks and a delicious cookie. We got to walk into the prop room where the costumes and props are kept. I was told the history of this legendary mannequin and the role he played at one of the gatherings.

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