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On his latest album, he again surprises every listener by making something that seems truly sincere. Lonely" is a fascinating and seemingly honest exploration of solitude. Then that beat hits like you’ve just been dropped in the middle of the most dizzyingly lit club.

"I'm the loneliest man alive, but I keep on dancing to throw them off," he raps as the chorus begs you to call him. It happens again as Rihanna comes into her verse with a confident, comfortable groove.

If that's not the perfect encapsulation of popular culture in 2017, then I don't know what is. At two minutes and 14 seconds long, when it ends with a flickering synth, one might first say, “Fuck, that’s it? But even though it leaves you wanting more, “Country” is as long as it needs to be—a focused and concise meditation.

It’s a short and perfect journey, structurally sound and built on a gradually increasing series of growing instruments into a chorus of soaring harmonies. It’s like a short story that you keep coming back to, an experience that feels good to have one more time.

Lorde seems like the only millennial qualified to sing about the modern teenager.

Sure, her formative years were hardly normal, but she seems to have a removed objectivity about her peers that makes her an authority.

Nicole Miglis's vocal performance on "Blanket Me" is among the finest—if not the finest—of the year.

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Every once in awhile there’s a song that, from its opening notes, you know is going to be something you play on repeat. When she released the video for “Deadly Valentine,” which included choreography from Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, Charlotte Gainsbourg said of the song: “I wanted to express the idea of a lifetime engagement; a couple running to church, from childhood to old age, a lifetime path.” And the song, made with French producer Sebasti An, has that type of endless linear chase, with Gainsbourg’s whispering, dreamy vocals.There's a true zest for life, like this is what happiness should feel like.It's possible to get so lost in the song's many wordless emotions that you can miss the drums, which almost ceaselessly shred for the entire quarter of an hour. This means any newcomer—any passionate or lonely kid in a room with a song in his or her head—can have as much power as any established artist with a Sound Cloud. Artists have the tools to create and release new music at any moment with the push of a button.

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