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“The threats of military force against Venezuela (…) as well as the imposition of coercive unilateral measures and illegal economic blockades constitute undeniable forms which bring about terror and generate suffering in peaceful societies,” the statement goes on to argue.Finally, it commits the Venezuelan government to “continue to tirelessly struggle against international terrorism by cooperating with civilised countries which look to maintain world peace and security.” At the time of writing, no direct response to the recent threats has been registered from President Maduro and the Venezuelan government.Ultra right groups took responsibility for the attack, and a number of citizens and former military officials have been arrested since.Government troops were also the subject of a recent attack on the Colombo-Venezuela border, when three died in an armed confrontation.According to an unnamed State Department official quoted by the Washington Post, “It would be a challenge for the Trump administration to provide concrete proof linking the Maduro government to terrorism if it decides to put Venezuela on the list.” David Smilde, a senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America, agrees with this evaluation, stating that “I suspect this will be based on hearsay and sources of questionable integrity.” Even former US Ambassador to Venezuela William Brownfield questioned the potential inclusion, saying that “There are several other governments you could say are involved in more forms of terrorism.” Smilde also indicated that the move could prove to be politically counter-productive for the Trump administration, whom Maduro describe as imperialist, and “contribute to the unity and coherence of the Maduro government.” Likewise, he indicates that Trump’s aggressive stance has exasperated internal divisions between the democratic and the non-democratic tendencies in Venezuela’s opposition.“Since President Trump first suggested a military option in August 2017 the Venezuelan opposition has fallen apart,” he told the Washington Post.

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Venezuela's opposition were more ambiguous in their analysis of the threat.

“The Maduro government has decided to connect itself and even offer belligerent status to organisations which have been classed as terrorists across the world,” claimed the Second Vice-President of the defunct National Assembly and leading member of First Justice party Alfonso Marquina.

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