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So, the first rule is that you should sincerely want to communicate, and you should be ready for dates and open for fun.For some reason, many people after a divorce, without any reflection, tend to start dating as soon as possible to fill the void in their lives or in order not to seem miserable because of a broken marriage.On a date, they try to keep themselves under control. Find the balance between interest and prudence that is worth discovering in yourself and will lead you towards gratifying dates. You mustn’t consider everyone around you unworthy of such an excellent partner like you. But at the same time, do not show haste and your “hunger.” Be calm, friendly, treat new acquaintances with curiosity and respect.Do not immediately try to “take” someone with whom you have not even met; and in turn, do not feel obliged to reciprocate. This is perhaps the most important rule for any kind of relationship from romance to family, business, etc. On dating sites, there’s always a lot of “bossy” people who, from the first lines of their questionnaire, are quick to tell you what they want from dating, and give clear instructions to those who want to get acquainted with them.It’s annoying for a person to carry out your instructions.An objectively worthy and self-respecting person will not talk to you. Besides, all these wordings like “I want to get acquainted with such-and-such a person, and so on” make you the initiator of communication, the one who needs more, and the one who asks, even before your first message.

They don’t hurriedly seek dates; although they want this, they delay it. But where are all those beautiful and attractive people when a man or a woman is single and would like to find a partner? The fact is, no one is hiding anywhere, and you should learn the right approach (that these married people unknowingly have).In this scenario, love-based frustration often develops.A person begins to think: “Oh no, romance is not for me,” and as a result, deprives themselves of an essential and beautiful part of life.Marriages of couples who met online are no less stable, as marriages, than others.Also, this company has found that the popularity of online dating does not affect divorce statistics.

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