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This exchange of information doesn’t mean anything until you have experienced kinesics and haptics with that person.

The growth aspect that is extremely necessary in online relationships is the revising communication stage.

The lack of face-to-face communication with online dating is a huge difference from regular dating.

Nonverbal cues are missing from online interactions.

She took pictures of a model/photographer from online and posted them all to a fake Facebook of Megan Faccio and even created her social network.

Although this story sounds crazy, it is not uncommon for people to pose as someone else on the Internet.

Facial expressions can be a huge factor of someone’s personality that a person can’t see through a computer screen or text messages.

It’s not realistic to really know someone without knowing a person’s full personality.

Where Have We Been, Where Are We, and Where Do We Go?However, the truth was that Megan was not who Nev thought she was at all.After talking for almost a year, Nev did some investigating and found out Megan was actually 40-year-old Angela, who had been lying to him the whole time.This book provides a general theory of the role of communication in interpersonal relationships that is grounded in the rules perspective and focuses on self-concept and interaction as the generative mechanisms of relationship formation and growth.The authors explore the kind of information that is exchanged in the process of initiating, developing, and maintaining friend and mate relationships.

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