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Like Sperber Denenberg and Kahan or Davis Polk and Wardwell, Ben Jarvus Green and Ellis is an established law business that specializes in holding on to the football.So maybe he's not a business, but tailback Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis knows how to secure his cases. Legend has it that racing star Tony Stewart wasn't very good about not slipping the right-rear tire when he began racing, eventually earning the nickname Smoke.Many have attempted to find the origin of Matt Kemp's sturdy nickname, but like the mammal he is referenced to, Kemp is as bruising as they come.Powerful and fast, Kemp is a regal presence on the diamond.But it only escalated from there, as Stewart entered races as "Smoke Johnson" and "Mikey Fedorcak Jr." so as not to be recognized.Duke's all-time leader in blocks and rebounds, NBA journeyman Shelden Williams hasn't quite found the same success on the professional hardwood as he did in college.

Nobody wants to be named after a self-absorbed entrepreneur who changes his name every other week and is only famous because of the late, great Notorious B. This uncontrollable demeanor has led to quite the reputation for the mixed martial artist turned actor.

They've defined careers, molded reputations and set the sports world on fire with their creativity. Birth names like Shaun White and Brian Wilson can only take a budding star so far before he requires a flipped script.

There comes a time when birth certificates just won't cut it anymore.

It's doubtful an actual donkey would strike out as much as slugging first baseman Adam Dunn does on a routine basis. While leading the Texas Tech Red Raiders to winning seasons in every year of his tenure, head coach Mike Leach began garnering attention for both his craziness and his brilliance.

Perhaps Number One Dunna (in reference to the Big Tymers song "Number One Stunna") or simply "Will Ferrell part dos" would better suffice. He's currently mixing varying vats of chemicals and jotting equations down for the Washington State Cougars football team. As he continues to creep towards the lower tier of what is considered a franchise player, Mark Sanchez remains The Sanchize.

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