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Purity from A$AP Rocky has been rated among the top rap songs from 2018 so far and for a good reason. Even though Balvin’s genre and influence is mainstream, this song offers a unique groovy feel. This song showcases Yachty as a teenager who somehow gains a lot of money and makes a rap song about it.

Another great number by Drake, In My Feelings has quickly topped the charts for the top rap 2018 song list. This track from the rapper Mozzy is the new rap song of 2018.

She sings of her past in a passionate and the most heart-touching way.

You don’t have to be a huge lover of music to appreciate the importance and enormity of trying to select an entrance song to arrive out to. In recent years the Darts has featured some great songs which the players come out to such as Crazy Nights by Kiss, Seven Nation Army and much more.

The things he’s said and done are unlikely to be forgiven, but in this song with his talk on the evils of men, he’s able to produce a blockbuster.

This number by Juice WRLD is among the top rap songs right now.

This Is America is another gem from Glover’s catalog.

The song and video showcase and criticize the violence in the country, making it among the top rap songs of the year.

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