Intimidating supervisor

Next,before reporting to his office, be sure that all of his requirements were complied , must note some possible questions and answers must be ready too, bring all supporting details for each requirement and have a sharp pencil and pad for the notes to be made. Then, when you are already infront of your boss,stand straight as this reflects to your efficiency, project your voice in a deeper way and never in a high pitch manner for it cannot show authoritative assertion , greet him good day or whatever greetings you wish to give him, it doesn't matter if he greets back to you or not, but don't ever start the topic, let him be the one who opens it as he is the "boss", but really you already know the flow so you are the one who is the true boss of the situation, after his turn, you can now do the talking with your supporting details.The "question and answer portion" that you have made earlier? However, if you have anything to clarify with him, do not hesitate to discuss with him for you will be dumber if you say "yes, I know" yet you have nothing to show him because you really don't know.We automatically put ourselves on the bottom end of the seesaw.Remember – you can choose what to think about any situation.If the teamwork is there, your boss will be starting to ask suggestions from you because he trusts you, that is all because of the impression you have made to him, just be focused in all times, it's like a game, if you are not into it, you will always be the loser.Actually, intimidation for average and above average people are but admiration for the person who intimidates them.Anyway, we think, all of us are much alike with these sisters, even a simple thing can make us overwhelmingly happy if it is of our interest.

It helps you to see them as a person,who was once small and powerless just like you. We often get caught up in the hype surrounding a person – they’re the CEO of a huge corporation, they’re a celebrity..whatever it is, it can lead us to thoughts that don’t assist us.

Ever since then, when I meet someone who spews out anger and negativity, it offers me a glimpse of how awful their internal experience of the world is.

A person who is content and has peace of mind is very unlikely to project anger and bitterness on a regular basis.

Just put yourself up, always think that you are not working for him, you are working for yourself inorder to earn and live.

In a company, most of the bosses are only for updates and meetings, we have a specific important role and a boss cannot do all of the tasks, you do not in debt your life for your salary, neither he can shout at you whenever he wanted to.

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