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The words on the advert read, translated from Italian, “Every day in Italy an entrepreneur risks ending up without underpants”.

The nude Italian businessman in question was one Enrico Frare who runs E-Group, of which winter sports wear maker Colle Sport, is part.

Others have told Frare to move his business, or part of it, out of Italy, but he does not want to.

However, seeing as he cannot persuade Italy’s banks to lend him any money, he might well end up having to leave Italy, which would be a shame.

The current economic crisis and Italy’s reluctant lending institutions also have something to do with the slow rate of growth in Italy’s businesses, and that’s not to mention Italy’s politicians who spend far too much time bickering, preserving their own interests, and not working to make life easier for Italian businesses. Italy’s export market is very healthy, and saw a growth of 22% in exports to the USA alone in the first 6 months of 2011 – despite the ongoing crisis.

At the function, wine was not served – again in deference to Iranian sensibilities.

“Italy bowing down to the Iranians like this is embarrassing,” said Daniele Capezzone, a centre-Right MP and a former spokesman for Silvio Berlusconi’s party, Forza Italia.

Reasons why Italian companies cannot breach the ceilings are illustrated in the is Emmott’s analysis of why Italy seems to be stuck in a rut.

Seeing the naked businessman ad reminded me of Emmott’s thoughts.

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