Jiyong and dara seen dating

I'm so thankful when i heard it because jiyong is so handsome. There are many rumors about him and Sandara Park and CL and Bom of 2ne1 but GD has said that he doesn't date people in the company. Therefore, I think that if he were to date someone, it would probably be outside of YG Entertainment. But, rumors has it that Sandara Park has been dating fellow YG artist, G-dragon aka Kwon Jiyong. I personally think they should, because they compliment each other so well, but G-Dragon has already stated that he does not date within YG. Since Sandara and Bom are already in their late 20s, they asked the president to make it 3 years instead of 5 years.This story evolves around Sandara Park, a photographer; Kwon Ji Yong a.k.a.G-Dragon, an artist; and Choi Seung Hyun, a curator.

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I Thailand, Yang Seung Ho/Yang-gaeng, Running Man Monday Couple(Kang Gary & Song Ji Hyo), Kim Jong Kook and 2 Kids Gary & Ha Ha (Running Man), Running Man Monday Couple (Song ji hyo & Kang Gary), Gary (Running Man), Yoo Jae Suk Viet Fans, AS.

What happens when their fate has been entwined years before.

What happens when their past collides with the future? What happens when they lose something they cherish and undergo pain and betrayal? Let's travel along with them to find out their journey of Love vs Fate.

He wrote Seungri's solo son strong baby and the raps on 2 songs for Seungri's solo album. That is why G Dragon is the leader, but TOP is still the oldest and Taeyang is the shortest and Daesung is the smileyest and Seungri is the youngest : D and Big Bang is the bestest!

He co-wrote 6 songs and wrote 2 songs by himself for him and his bandmate T. no..they're juszz friends no..they're juszz friends I'm certain they were dating just for fun.

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