Late dating the book of revelation

Fourth, none of the early Christian church fathers believed that Irenaeus’ statement was ambiguous.They all interpreted it to mean that John saw (and wrote about) his vision during the reign of Domitian. Rochford If the book of Revelation is a book of prophecy as it claims to be (Rev.1:1, 3, 11, 19; 22:6-10, 16, 18-20), then it would need to be written before AD 70 for the Preterist position to be true.For instance, Zane Hodges is a futurist, who holds to the early date of Revelation.[3] Therefore, the dating of Revelation is relatively inconsequential for the futurist, but it is absolutely essential for the preterist interpreter.If Revelation is dated to AD 95, which has been the traditional dating for the last 1,900 years, then this would render preterist obsolete to Bible believers.If Irenaeus could be wrong about so significant a fact, couldn’t he also be wrong about the date of Revelation?However, a number of counterarguments have been argued: First, this statement from Irenaeus was not a historical blunder; instead, it was a misinterpretation of Scripture.

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This secular testimony solidly corroborates the ecclesiastical tradition of John’s banishment under Domitian and liberation when Domitian died.” Victorinus wrote a commentary on the book of Revelation, and his commentary is, in fact, the oldest commentary that we possess.Other Preterists argue that Irenaeus erred when he made his assertion about the dating of the book of Revelation.Preterists point out that Irenaeus erred before in his writing, when he claimed that Jesus was forty years old when he died.As Preterist Ken Gentry writes, If the late-date of around A. 95-96 is accepted, a wholly different situation would prevail.The events in the mid to late 60s of the first century would be absolutely excluded as possible fulfillments.[1] If the book was written after A. 70, then its contents manifestly do not refer to events surrounding the fall of Jerusalem—unless the book is a wholesale fraud, having been composed after the predicted events had already occurred…

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