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Fairfield: The 20th Century Fairfield was then owned by Jonathan Cordukes Mc Kibbin (the husband of Marion Elizabeth Hayes).In 1896 he let the house, coach house,stables and greenhouses to Doctor William George Gray for 14 years for the annual sum of £67’2’0 (around £6,975).Thomas was recorded as having a somewhat nervous temperament but despite this he was active in civic life.He was an appointed Justice of the Peace and also one time elected treasurer of Leigh Union. He was president of Leigh Liberal Club and responsible for the election campaign victory of Caleb Wright as Member of Parliament for Leigh for 1885, 18. Hayes was also a County Councillor, Justice of the Peace and a member of the School Attendance Committee and the Literary Society.They had one son, Thomas Travers Hayes in 1824 and another son James, several years later in 1836.Unfortunately, there was a complication during child birth and this is recorded as the cause of Sarah’s death.In fact two of William’s brothers, James and John Hayes, also ran their own cotton Mill, Victoria Mill which was built in 1856 and expanded and re-built due to fire damage.William went into partnership with Henry Isherwood around 1836 and their mill, Kirkhall Lane Mill (historically known as Westleigh New Mill) was a success, even running at full capacity during the ‘cotton famine’ of 1861-65 when many mills closed due to a lack of cotton imports from America during the Civil War.

Background Historically Leigh was a Parish covering around six townships, with the area around the Parish Church of St. In 1875 three of the townships; Bedford, Pennington and Westleigh merged to form the Leigh Local Board District.

James was baptised on 13 January 1836, the same day as his mother’s funeral.

As he is not mentioned in any later records, I assume he too passed away around the same time.

In 1894 the Local Board became Leigh Urban District when large parts of land belonging to the Atherton estate were incorporated.

Finally in 1899 Leigh became a Municipal Borough and the people could elect their first Mayor. Helens Road in Pennington, just over the Leeds – Liverpool canal.

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