Les paul custom dating

Chris Lovell, owner of Strings and Things in Memphis, placed a custom order for some Les Pauls in the mid ’70s that more closely approximated the original Les Paul Standard specs, including a narrower headstock, narrow binding in the cutaway, deeper carve top, etc.Approximately 28 guitars were made for Chris’ store between 19.

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The Les Paul KM model was made in the Kalamazoo plant in 1979, supposedly at the request of a southern sales district, according to one account (this history is refuted by another account).Below, we're keeping the focus strictly on Gibson guitars.If you're interested in something a little more affordable, take a look at this guide to the many excellent Epiphone Les Paul models available.Gibson also has a tendency to switch up the specs of specific models year-to-year, resulting in a mind-bogglingly diverse pool of instruments to sift through if you're trying to buy a Les Paul.Here on Reverb, at any given time, there are thousands of different Les Pauls on the site spanning the known universe of old and new models.

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