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What do you think was the reluctance before to run statewide as an independent?

Was it believed that the GOP infrastructure was still worth more than going alone, which Poizner could afford to do but others might not? I think it’s pretty clear from how swiftly Newsom responds on Twitter to Trump’s attacks that he knows it’s political gold here.

He’s now run and won two congressional races in less than a year, and has something of a national profile. Barbara Comstock have gone down tonight, two suburban Republicans who could not survive the Trump era.

Expect to see him mentioned soon as a potential statewide prospect in PA, possibly against GOP Sen. Both members were political survivors, known for their hard work in cultivating their swing districts, but the Trump drag was too much to overcome. Here’s how crazy blue the Land of Lincoln is right now.

if this one goes, it will be because of ground game, which was intense there.. But he’s an immediate potential presidential contender for 2024 (not 2020) if Trump wins.Good question, I think that Trump finally pushed some of these moderate Republicans into the #Never Trump camp, and in Poizner’s case, he was the state finance director for Kasich’s last presidential run. He made Trump backing his Republican opponent, John Cox, a centerpiece of the race.Poizner, a tech multi-millionaire (credited with helping invent GPS for the cell phone) certainly has the assets to go his own way..question is, if he wins tonight – what way will that be? Not only does he not have to mind it, he probably has to rest his political future on the possibility.According to POLITICO’s numbers, Democrats are leading in three of the four competitive congressional seats.Chicago Board of Elections reports Chicago has had its best Midterm turnout in 32 years with more than 55 % unofficial turnout.

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