Loney wifes dating club

Whenever the boss lady (as she’s popularly referred to) struts her way to her air-conditioned corner office, men and women can only kula kwa macho.

But unknown to them, Caroline sometimes wishes she was in their position.

Most of these women are 35 and above, divorced or yet to be married, but can’t tie any man down.

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Have class and lack style To attract a man, a woman must also put some effort.

Deal breakers for women include laziness, disheveled look, being too needy and bad sex.

“Gone are the days when women were willing to groom a man into something they would like.

“A woman must always look good even when she is going to the shop. You never know when you will meet the man of your dreams.

It’s all about impression,” Derek Bbanga, an image consultant told The Nairobian.

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