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All of these people were multipurpose farmers, producing what they needed for themselves and their families.

In 1786, the General Assembly permitted North Haven to incorporate as a town, separate from New Haven.

In the 1880s, Solomon Linsley, a North Haven architect, built the Memorial Town Hall and the new District 4 School.

Linsley designed and built 32 Victorian style houses and public buildings in North Haven.

However, the 1789 Grand List had found 1,620 sheep in North Haven, with the sheep outnumbering the residents.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, signs of the Industrial Revolution were apparent.

Several copies are available to borrow at the North Haven Memorial Library.

One third of the residents worked in various nonagricultural occupations such as mechanics, brickmakers, and shoemakers.North Haven's population increased rapidly, quadrupling between 19.The establishment of two factories, Pratt & Whitney and Marlin Firearms, spurred the subsequent population increase.The population density was 1,108.9 people per square mile (428.2/km²).There were 8,773 housing units at an average density of 422.3 per square mile (163.1/km²).

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