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Moldova is a heavily Russian influenced country and it is likely any escort in Chisinau will come from Russia or another Eastern European country.A couple of the best places to go where there Is a good chance of meeting Chisinau escorts are the Malina Cocktail House and City Club, but a better way of finding an escort in Chisinau would be to visit one of the strip clubs such as Josephine, Club Rai and the Bacardi Strip Club.It was a troup of 7-10 people clothed in black robes like monks, with hoods, carrying flashlights.It was a bit gothic in nature but enjoyable nonetheless.This was followed by a wonderful modern dance from one of the Genderdoc-M performers, Sasha, and his two great side kicks.After this, a team of 10 breakdancers, from as little as age 10 to 16 were going back to back doing some of the best breakdancing I’ve seen since my highschool years when this was all the fad.The program of the third day included an international conference whose participants included representatives and guests from 9 countries (Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Holland, Austria, Bulgaria, Sweden, Russia, USA).Currently Gay Pride in Moldova is the only event of this kind in post-Soviet countries.

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During the mass he mentioned those who had been victims of homophobia.I’ve never encountered this before at any event in the two years I have been living here, but, I suppose it’s always better to be safe than sorry!The show began with a nice speech from Genderdoc-M President Mr. This was followed by an interesting dance ensemble.============ The Second Lesbian and Gay Pride “Rainbow over the Dnister – 2003” From 2 to 4 May in Chisinau the second Lesbian and Gay Pride “Rainbow over the Dnister – 2003” took place.This event included a variety of different activities: cultural, sportive and entertaining.

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