Multiple errors while validating asset

For the new config to work properly, you should clean up the following from AEM author setup: Now the system is all cleaned up.Now you can attempt creating a new cloudservice config and still use the already existing JWT application in, you're free to add any additional plug-ins that are appropriate for your application.First, install the desired plug-in through NPM and then reference it in your calls within your stylesheets.If the replication agent creation fails, **edit the cloud service **by making minor changes in cloud service.Validate and check again whether the replication agent is created or not.If you intend to make frequent updates to your application's Java Script, you should consider extracting all of your vendor libraries into their own file.This way, a change to your application code will not affect the caching of your large file to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

By default, Mix leverages the popular Autoprefixer plug-in to automatically apply all necessary CSS3 vendor prefixes.

One such example might be triggering Mix on your production server.

Brand Portal supports integration with AEM Assets to have approved brand assets seamlessly ingested (or published) from AEM Assets author instance.

Adobe recommends upgrading to AEM to ensure that AEM Assets Brand Portal is successfully integrated with AEM Assets.

A limitation in AEM 6.4 gives an error while configuring integration with Brand Portal and replication fails., all necessary users and token are auto-generated and saved in the repository- cloud service configuration is created, service users required for replication, and replication agents to replicate content. So when you publish numerous assets from AEM to Brand Portal, these are queued and distributed among these replication agents through Round Robin.

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