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Parship works hard to make sure you don’t have to worry about security and privacy when looking for a partner online: 128bit SSL encryption. Parship has plenty of dating tips to help you make the most of your online dating experience. It is a relationship site based on a unique compatibility test which assesses the way each member is likely to behave in a relationship and assesses personality, aspirations, interests and lifestyle.

Now for the tale of a victim who didn’t have a savvy fiancé to save her.

It pays to be wary, particularly when people you meet on these sites claim to be “in love” after just a few days of chatting.

If someone seems over the top impassioned, too soon, they may be lying about being head over heels. It’s hard because when you have those rose-colored glasses on, you don’t want them shattered.

Other cybercrooks convince people they’re sending money to needy soldiers. She opened the suitcase and saw nothing, but whoever was scamming her told Armstrong that it was sewn into the lining and that she could pull out the lining to have a look if she liked. So she took her belongings from her own suitcase and transferred them to the rigged one, as instructed.

And then there are those who send bogus emails claiming you’ll get a payment just as soon as you first pay a “shipping agent” (known as “advance fee fraud“). Too bad she didn’t take the Lothario up on the offer to pull back the suitcase lining. She was immediately arrested, imprisoned, and spent the next 2.5 years in prison. Her lawyers believed her, but the judge was incredulous: how could an “articulate, intelligent woman with great family support” be scammed?

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