New reality dating shows 2016

Most of these shows are actual trash, leaving you feeling empty and listless on your couch.

But a rare few have mastered the art of trashy reality TV, which is no easy feat.

Adding celebrities didn’t doom the formula: It elevated it to a brand-new level.

Unfortunately, the latest version of the show already seems to be wearing thin, especially with a guy who had a coffee at the Trump White House before regurgitating it all over the media during his 10-day run as Director of Communications already out of the house. Cable is littered with reality shows where fearless hosts travel to haunted locations, lock themselves inside, and use suspect-looking equipment to scare the crap out of you.

The result was one of the best seasons of the show ever, featuring fast-and-furious game play, some deep political discussions, an avoidance of the "showmances" that poison the regular game, and a group of people who know how to deliver a sound bite to camera.

“That’s one of the things that makes this show different as well.

“And there is a lot of diversity in this show — we have Latin, African American and Asian-Americans, so it looks like America with a broad scope of people.

“All of the men and the women have different backgrounds with a different story to tell — so everyone has a genuine chance at finding love.” And with 24 eager singles all vying to find that special someone, there are definitely entertaining disagreements.

You do see some cat fights, but you see some bonding as well.

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