Nintendo wii updating frozen

Despite being understandably overshadowed by the Nintendo Switch in a major way, the Wii U just received an unexpected update out of nowhere.

When it comes to the great console war, for the past two decades (almost) the two heavy hitters have been Microsoft and Play Station.

NOTE: Uninstalling the incorrect channel may lead to further damage, so users should be careful.

Despite the lack of interest from gamers in the Wii U and Nintendo's focus shifting to the much newer Switch, the awkward middle console recently received a new update - a Wii U firmware update, during the summer of 2019.This is no surprise as launch hype was high and Nintendo’s servers were likely being pounded.Public service announcement: do NOT restart or turn off your Wii U during the initial software upgrade.Truth be told, Nintendo should probably be considered a solid number two if you only take into account units sold.The Wii is the third best selling console of all time, and the Switch has almost sold more units than the Xbox One despite being released a full four years later.

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