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Our specialists are dedicated to working with patients and families to understand patient’s hopes and goals for the future.As children grow from infancy to adolescence to adulthood, their medical and social needs evolve.

Variations in this development can lead to a range of abnormalities.

Usually, an XX individual is a girl and an XY is a boy.

Sometimes, however, a child gets an extra chromosome from a parent or a chromosome is absent, resulting in XXY, XO or XYY. When a fetus is just forming in the mother’s uterus, an organ is present that we call the gonad.

Our team at Lurie Children’s includes specialists in in pediatric endocrinology, child psychology, urology, pediatric surgery, genetic counseling, social work, nursing and medical ethics, all of whom have specific expertise in gender and sex development.

The medical and research team continues to actively pursue research studies aimed at better understanding DSD conditions and how to care for them.

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