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Other shops specializing in the same sort of Victorian “cabinet of curiosities” antiques include Loved to Death in San Francisco and the Necromance stores in L. On the show, Cohn—a buyer for Obscura who maintains a bone-filled Tumblr blog—goes on his idea of a dream date, taking a beautiful woman to admire some flesh-eating beetles.

Cohn’s friend, artist Ian Mehr, uses the beetles to eat the meat clean off goat skulls, so he can employ them in fantastically gorgeous Tim Burton-esque chandeliers.

Mike and Evan have always had the best eye that I’ve ever seen besides my own, for just peculiar, off-the-wall pieces that you don’t see around.” On the show, they’ve featured Tibetan trumpets made out of human femurs, a book bound with human skin, a World War I blood transfusion kit, a Fiji Mermaid (a mummified monkey sewn to a taxidermied fish tail), a desk lamp made from a baboon’s paw, a spooky Edison talking doll, and a Houdini-owned throwing knife.

Naturally, you see on “Oddities” the sort of people you’d expect for such transactions—artists who work with their own bodily fluids, circus sideshow performers, black metal band members—as well as edgy celebrities like actress Chloe Sevigny and Jonathan Davis of the rock band Korn.

Still, it doesn’t mean they don’t find themselves in hysterical situations, like when Cohn decided to investigate a Craigslist ad in upstate New York that read, “Victorian human skeleton found in Masonic Temple, belonged to my grandfather, comes with coffin.” These calaveras (Spanish for “skull”) figurines are used in Mexican celebrations of Dia de los Muertos, also known as All Souls Day, also the origin of Halloween.

At Obscura, they are posed in front of poison and medicine bottles. “The ad had every element of cool that I could think of, but no pictures,” Cohn says.

“I find it a little bit more pleasing to the eye to look at a skeleton as opposed to a taxidermied animal.” Taxidermy and skeleton articulation were popular in the Victorian era.

Cohn and the Obscura staff will only accept skulls and skeletons that come to them via legal means, such as those that were used for medical research.Cohn, also a co-owner of the New York City clothing store, Against Nature, says he grew up wandering the woods in upstate New York, where he and his dog would often stumble across dead animals.Being a curious teen, he was morbidly fascinated with the corpses and would bring them home to study and incorporate into art projects.“What I love about this business is you wake up at 1 in the morning to get somewhere by 3 so that you can be there before everyone else,” he says. You’re just going there with the hopes of finding the holy grail of antiques that you’ve always been looking for. I clearly am.” When Cohn walked into Obscura 12 years ago, he knew he’d found kindred spirits in Zohn and Michelson, who are also drawn to the macabre and bizarre side of Victorian antiques.“And then, you might walk away with one of the most amazing treasures on earth, or you might walk away with absolutely nothing. He found he was spending all his money in the shop, so he started selling them pieces he’d unearthed.

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