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Dating and romance scams are nothing new, but with so many people looking for love online, they have become that much more attractive and accessible to online criminals.Plus, the countless real online love stories only serve to make this scam even easier for criminals to pull off.Sometimes the message history is enough to use as a threat, especially if the victim is married or in a long-term relationship and is hiding this online relationship from their significant other.Eventually, they are asked to send large amounts of money or to carry out something illegal.Even so, there are often tell-tale signs that a potential love prospect is not being up front.Here are some of the signs to look out for: Online dating scams typically involve someone creating a fake profile, be it on a dating site or a social media platform.I am here because i believe that love can be found anywhere.Not in a rush but yes if things work out then other person will be at the cloud 9 . Everybody says that I'm very smart, kind and beautiful I am cheerful, talented girl, I like to travel and get acquainted with new interesting peo..

At some point, the victim may be asked to send something to the scammer that can later be used against them, such as compromising photos or videos.

This goes to show two things: the manipulative power these criminals hold and the vulnerability of the victims they target.

Although the common perception is that you’d have to be really stupid to fall for one of these cons, that’s often not the case.

Scammers are very clever and prey on vulnerable people.

On the other side, people are looking for love or friendship, and with real online love stories becoming more and more common, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched that it could happen to them.

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