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It was always warm and tasted just like the sweetest cum she'd ever feasted upon.

But it wasn't just Dick's dick that was so impressive, Kara thought as she dipped a finger into her dripping cooze and stared at her mechanical lover.

And, rather than just fuck until she told it to stop, Dick actually had orgasms.

Kara was still amazed by that fact, though she's seen and felt nearly two dozen of them in the not quite four days since she'd bought her Stud Lee Mann Sexual Partner.

Dick was 6' 3" tall, with broad shoulders, washboard abs, a firm, tone ass, muscular legs, and was completely devoid of all body hair. "In a few minutes, I'm going to have you to fuck me again." "Anything for you, my love." Kara smiled. "But you know I like the second time around better, because you go slower then.

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I am afraid and nervous, I have heard humans can be cruel to droids, and I do wish for a little love than being tortured.I can not really expect all that from a human, can I?!

The motion of the machine's hips while it fucked mixed the power and the moisture.

Kara had sampled the goo that spurted from Dick's member upon climax several times.

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