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"Think, here's what you're going to get from the product, and you show that through highlighting your core characteristics." What makes you a potential amazing GF? Show your potential date through storytelling, like how you're looking for a willing taste-taster so you can tweak your famous cookie recipes.

While your profile should be fun and cheeky over uber-professional, leave confessions out.

Red is the color of love, passion, romance and the stop sign." Science has even shown crimson will stop a man in his tracks, so stock up on your scarlet.

"Everyone tends to write this up in 10 minutes or so with a list of activities and interests, but women also tend to use this as a diary confessional," says Katz.

While us ladies think that's totally cute, it's not appealing to your intended audience.

So, keep secrets like your love of Big Bird out, replacing with guy-friendly storytelling—like how you're in need of a companion who's up for a return trip to Mount Kilimanjaro.

These days, your profile photo is often the first thing that pops up when new acquaintance, potential employer or crazy high school ex-boyfriend searches you.

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