Parcel tracking not updating

It is very rare for a package to go missing but it does happen. e found Correos postal delivery very bad, on the past 2 deliveries they messaged me to say they could not make delivery as no one at the propery to receive the package, the delivery address is a shop and it is open all day so someone is there. My phone that I ordered was suppose to be delivered 19 Jul'19 already (you are 10 days late)!!! I have not received my parcel or an email or a call from you to explain why you weren't here and why I haven't received it. It will deliver tracking updates of your Correos Express packages in real-time and straightforwardly to your mailbox and all of that in the language specified by you.But the item might be still traveling to its destination.In other cases, it is due to any interruption in the delivery process.

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One thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re entering the correct tracking number.You can just wait for a couple of days and item might reach you.If it isn’t, then you can call the USPS and ask them about the shipment.In the case of My Hermes you should just be able to click on the tracking number posted in the Pay Pal/e Bay transaction and get the details like you can with RM but it doesn't work.I found that you have to sign in to get the info, which for practical purposes is a real pain because it means only the sender can access the details.

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