Passive men dating

If he doesn't bother about your reduced contact, you dodged a bullet. Good luck :)I agree with everything except for the ghosting...I think ghosting has become all too common in dating these days, and it's really a horrible thing to experience.Any guy would be happy to hang out with someone he knows is interested so that he can bask in adoration without making an effort.He's not making an effort to reciprocate or match your level of enthusiasm.The best dating advice I received was that everything seems way worse in your head than it actually is.Take situations like these at face value until a discussion is had. I feel so torn between just continuing to be the initiator for now, or doing as some others in this post suggested & sort of backing off and seeing what happens.

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However, if he's just a fuckboy playing the long game (while dating other women, mind you) until he gets you in bed, he'll make some excuse/fade you/ghost you straight after and then you wouldn't be wasting any more time on him and can focus on other guys. I could reach out to you or ask you out once, twice, but not thrice. But if not, then this op is exhibiting signs of being a total control freak. You do realize that we turn off the ringers on our phones for plausible deniability when we say we did not know you called or texted, right?

If he's still interested, he will ask to spend time with you.

After all, you did express your interest from the start.

I really like him & would like to see him more than once a week.

And really, I would like him to WANT to see me more than once a week, or give the impression that he wants to see me at all lol.

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