Phoenix error updating content description error

Instead let’s add a function to our factory in function instead of changing every test.

Using regular functions with Ex Machina can make your code easier to read, and easier to change in the future.

(The live demo is running on a free-tier Heroku dyno, so it might take 30 seconds or so to wake up when you visit it.) First, let’s walk through the components I name-dropped above and how they will all fit together. It seemed simple enough to feasibly accomplish in a reasonable amount of time, but complex enough that I would encounter the challenges of getting everything working in a real-world application. Users can make posts and comment on other users’ posts.

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But in folder was special; a lot of people misunderstood its main purpose, which was containing web interface for your application. Controllers currently use contexts directly, which makes them a very thin layer in the application. All things said the changes introduced are quite exciting.

It runs on the Erlang VM, and you can write Erlang syntax directly in an Elixir file, but it is designed to provide a much friendier syntax for developers while keeping the speed and fault tolerance of Erlang.

Elixir is dynamically typed, and the syntax feels similar to ruby.

However, it is much more functional than ruby, and has many different idioms and patterns.

At least for me, the major draw to Elixir is the performance of the Erlang VM. The team at Whats App was able to establish two connections to a single server using Erlang.

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