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'The right, centre & left of the party; the extreme "Suez" group; the extreme opposition to Suez; the loyal centre - and last, but not least, U & non-U (to use the jargon that Nancy Mitford has popularised), that is, Eton, Winchester, etc.

on the one hand; Board school & grammar school on the other.' Top people also had to face the cameras, and Macmillan on the 17th found himself on fraught terms with the new-fangled teleprompter as he gave a ministerial broadcast. Tn its extremely clear intimation that we were neither a second-rate power nor a satellite [i.e.

'The lean, sinewy neck pulsates,' he told his American readers, 'the tired grey features wear a smile; the voice, soft and sibilant, emerges from the drooping moustache. Next day's Listener reviewed Lawrence Durrell's novel Justine, the first volume of what would become an exotic literary phenomenon, The Alexandria Quartet.

'Less fiction than incantation,' reckoned Ronald Bryden, 'beautifully conceived, only too consciously beautiful in the writing.' Durrell himself lived in Provence and was fond of calling England 'Pudding Island', a view that in certain moods the young American poet Sylvia Plath (recently married to Ted Hughes) shared.

'The whole family has been eagerly waiting for the return of Dixon,' reported a viewer, 'and judging by this edition [characteristically called 'Give a Dog a Good Name'] this series is going to be every bit as good as the last.' Hancock's Half Hour by this time was on both radio and television, and on Sunday evening the Light Programme broadcast 'Almost a Gentleman', episode 14 of the fourth radio series: overlooked once again in the New Year's Honours List, the anti-hero of 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam is persuaded he needs etiquette lessons, with predictably disastrous results.'The workers of Briggs know very well that the Company is trying to exploit the situation of unemployment and short time which exists in Dagenham at the present time,' declared the Strike Committee, in the larger context of continuing post-Suez petrol rationing causing problems for the motor industry as a whole.'They are trying to force a return to the bad old days when "Fordism" was a by-word for non-trade unionism, low wages, and bad working conditions.' Talks to reinstate Mc Loughlin broke down, with the man himself declining to look for another billet.'I have sat doing nothing since about 4 o' clock, &c am now slightly drunk on rum and honey & hot water.The usual revolting insufficient meals - an awful tinned steak pudding, like eating a hot poultice, & sausages ...

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