Plesk web statistics not updating

This ‘Daily maintenance’ script wears many hats (suspending subscriptions that overuse resources, checking for Plesk updates etc), and running the The next time the utility is run, it references the registry to get the date and the time it was last executed, then processes the data in the IIS log that has accumulated since that time, writes it to the web statistics log, and so on.Log rotation on Windows is carried out by the standard IIS means, so it does not depend on the utility running.Features Deploys in minutes to quickly provide a high performance solution that is comprehensive yet inexpensive.A complete Software Development Kit (SDK) with multiple backend utilities delivers to service providers and their customers more power to customize their offerings as well as an avenue for easy up-selling and additions.

Hello , Some times you will face a problem that the statistics do not get updated for all your sites on a windows server even after updating the stats manually . You can find these files at the following path and copy them in Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin path . Run Quickly and easily monetize through the sale of commercial applications.Offer your applications, or partner with Plesk to create your applications, which your customers can select, purchase and install quickly and easily from within their panel view.Customize your service offering Select which applications to offer your customers, and they can purchase and install quickly and easily right from within their panel view.Enhanced audience focus for website developers, content teams and agencies Ready-to-code development environment, built-in Word Press toolkit, powerful administrative tools Instant Sophisticated Web Site Creation and Design Brand your very own site builders and add value Word Press security and management tool that helps you to mass manage and secure your Word Press instances, plugins and themes Turnkey Application Storefront for Resale of Apps and Services Manage data across multiple installations and manage complex functions with ease Improved supportability Plesk servers are easier to maintain by service providers, and are perfect for new users who are not accustomed to managing servers Features Premier server management tool to install and manage all systems and applications for hosting on a single VPS server.

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