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Premise is non-stop talker Ultramax as Jane Johnson on the phone complaining to her computerized sex provider (of the title) about bad service, and ordering up new humpers, preferably a brother-sister team, to fulfill her fantasies.Running gag is that the computer is apparently on the blink, bombarding Ultra with arrivals of more & more sex workers to overload her libido.What fooled me is that Davey Jones (if IMDb's credit is correct) pops up early in the film as a gigolo-in-a-hurry, who I thought looked like Shaun but wasn't him.Similar to the way Woody Allen gets all sorts of people (from Jason Biggs to Kenneth Branagh) to impersonate him in his films, the "Shaun" role is ably filled here by another.Before you can say Alan Ayckbourn, Jane is juggling her ever-increasing roster of guests, putting the siblings together with Harvey (no longer in such a rush) in the living room, while she goes to the bedroom to get raped, as paid for.It's obvious that the cast's energy, ability to ad lib cleverly and a non-stop fast pace are what makes Costello's films click.No competing product has this type of recognition and popularity.Independent professionals working with Ska Date: https://

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