Problems updating itunes and quicktime

I have literally had to move ALL of my video files from my internal HD (320 GB's) to my external. The technology is there, why isn't it complying?!?!? Now occasionaly the screen will stop playing/ficker. My old machine with 256 mb of ram ran itunes with no problems. I have kept ALL of my media files on a separate internal HD for a year now. I was having problem playing videos after updating my Quick Time to version 7.1.6. I did follow the Direct X disabling advised by Apple and another post on this thread, but it didn't work for me. I then decided to return the PC to its factory condition which I did,then downloaded the new I Tunes again and this time all seemed well except for the fact that when I shut down the computer it lost my paid for videos which fortunately I had backed up to the other hard drive.Neither drive will let me play Itunes movies/music videos, without the choppiness and/or freeze ups. I transferred them back but it took a couple of goes and now seems to be working.Now I just downloaded the latest version and I can no longer play the video or movies.

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My m4v videos would freeze in itunes/quicktime but i usually got a bsod with a serious error report upon reboot. Also Im curious if any of you have had problems using your ipods as drives.

I don't believe it is just a vista problem though as I had the same thing with my other machine and it is a sony running windows XP.

I returned this machine to a previous version of I Tunes and it is now working fine.

Zos So thanks to this thread, I can watch i Tunes video again on my PC. I finally got the Almighty zune, and i can watch the videos fine on it. Ihave found I sometimes have to re-encode some video's so they will transfer to the IPOD even though the video is in the ITUNES library.

What I'm wondering is how many of you in this forum are running Vista Ultimate and indulging in the Dreamscene preview? try downloading the zune software to see if it works. s suggestion of disabling Direct X and Disable Direct3D video acceleration? Put me down as another who cannot play i Tunes videos from my Music folder on the C: drive.

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