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Critics of the idea insist that college athletes are students first, with athletics merely an extracurricular.To them, introducing pay would be a logistical nightmare, hurting college sports more than helping it.These advocates contend that any logistical complications are the problems of the NCAA, not the players.

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The lion’s share of that money is from a gargantuan TV contract with CBS and Turner, the company that owns TNT and TBS.While sometimes you don't mind, other times you would just like to enjoy they game or party like everyone else.While there are some cons to being photographer, there are many pros as well.Below are my reasons I've truly love being a photographer, and why It can be truly frustrating at times. If you’re lucky, it’s your job The places it can take you can be incredible.Anywhere from shooting on the sideline of your favorite sports team to traveling the world for free.

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