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Your uppity-yankee friends await your arrival so we may delve in some shenanigans and monkey business.

PS: Here is your favoritest photo in *HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN O’NEIL & JONNY SHIPES (I LOVE MY CAPRICORN PEOPLE) Last we celebrated the birth of JEN O’NEIL & JONNY SHIPES over the ridiculously great food at BEAUTY & ESSEX.

Getting actual gifts is pretty awesome also…here’s a few of the amazing goodies I For the past few years I’ve done public birthday parties and anyone and everyone was always invited.

This year, a couple friends suggested that I do something a bit smaller…so I put on a vintage dress and wiggled my way On Sunday, ELLE & SAMN organized a surprise birthday for one of the most amazing people we know…CEDRIC HAUGHTON.

Because we love showcasing fresh faces on YBF: While many don’t know what she’s famous for (besides dating Pharrell), Va$htie is also an accomplished video director, artist, party promoter and now a budding clothing designer. she is half indian so it might not be usual for you, it is to indian people! Most black people in America is NATIVE AMERICAN and black. There is a huge difference between NATIVE AMERICAN and INDIAN. The best thing in her line is those black wedges(not even part of her line) she is rocking!

And we've got pics from her new photoshoot with Magazine: We chatted about her a while back as she was rumored to be dating her good friend Q-Tip. An excerpt from Honey: Artist, Director, Designer, Party Promoter: With a resume that includes music video treatments for Common, styling for Billionaire Boys Club, creative directing for Def Jam, and now designing for her line Violette, does it really matter who she may have dated? Its still better than lakisha or valeisha or whatever! : She is Indian and blk people………like most AMERICAN blk folks. Dammie: Vashtie is from Trinidad and not dating Q-Tip. People put together this MESS and expect folks to think its HOT.............uuuuhhhh NO! (hot) I wish her(she is very pretty) the best if this is what she really wants to do, but she doesn't have the talent for it! MJB: Wow, that first paragraph is the exact same thing on Necole Bitchie’s blog that was posted a few hours ago.

I’ve known him for just about 10 years now and I’m so excited to see all of his accomplishments. The space is excellent, but It was a chilly night as we all set out to wreck havoc on some unsuspecting TUNA TACOS, courtesy of BEAUTY & ESSEX located on ESSEX.Sounds like a lot, but some girls only need 24hrs to change the world. These are the same asses that ride Rhianna’s dick because she is West Indian. I am tired,everytime Rhianna’s name comes up, they have to mention Bajan beauty. I’m a black American born and raised in the US and I’m mistaken for Dominican, Indian,middle Eastern etc,etc everything but black American. Man, you guys dont understand that while we are sharing the same color, we dont have the same traditions, culture, etc... All of us love our country but we love our culture too! You should learn from the differences instead of overlooking them!!! A while ago she came to Europe and threw 2 1992 parties in Paris in Amsterdam. Whenever I’m in NYC I always hit her up via text and we’re not even friends like that. either that or her stylist needs to get his/her act right b/c that trash is trash.. Anyway, Va$htie is pretty and it is good to see women doing their thing and making that money!! The owner of this site will delete your comment if you may be alluding to the fact that she possibly plagiarized.MS VASHTIE IS HAS BEEN SCREWED BY THE ALL THE GUYS IN THE BIZ PHARRELL FIRST, QTIP, KANYE, USHER, LA REID, ANT MANDLER, SHE'S A LITTLE HOOKER HER FLAVOR IS IN YOUR MOUTH. SHOE ROLLS ON THE DOWNTOWN SCENE IN THE ALLEYS OF NY WITH THE GUYS MAINLY, IS A EASY GIRL TO GET IN BED WITH IT HOW SHE MADE HER NAME IN THE BUSINESS WORD UP, I KNEW SHORTY SINCE GRADE SCHOOL, SHES MAD EASY TO SCREW! Other black cultures try to distants themselves from Black Americans so bad. Im sorry, as an african, I dont eat soul food for example, I cant cook that shot! She always replies and gets me a spot on the guest list. These have been my same sentiments exactly..you didn't say it yourself, you need to quote it and site the source, too!Not trying to have my electronics go crazy because I bought it during the wrong time.Anyways, here are some film and i Phone images Special thanks to Miss Bevy Smith for always dusting off her Downtown Little Sister and giving her some life. Regardless of the trials and tribulations that led to the end of her great life and career, she will forever remain a phenomenally talented legend that changed the game.

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