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He also hosted a BBC Three television show called Radio 1 on Three, inspired by his radio show.In February 2011, Mills presented a documentary for BBC Three called The World's Worst Place to Be Gay? They came 11th in the competition after being eliminated in week 6.He narrated the music TV show The Pop Years which, coincidentally, was also narrated by fellow BBC Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman.He has presented high-profile programmes including the Wednesday night National Lottery draw on BBC 1 and his own pilot (featured on the radio show) of Reverse-a-Word.The Scott Mills Show, as it currently features, runs from 1 The assistant producer was Laura Sayers until April 2008 when assistant producer Rebecca Huxtable, usually called 'Beccy' or 'Wacky Beccy' on air took over, she left the show in January 2013 due to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.Features on the show have included Laura's Diary, Flirt Divert, Innuendo Bingo, Rate my Listener , Your Call, Bangers and Where Do You Think They Were, where a listener discovers how they were conceived.‘I think I’d like a massive camp wedding and then a big magazine deal.’ Scott was less certain about having a family though, admitting: ‘I’m not sure about kids. ermmm, they hang out and banter together and there's a bit of an age gap and people just can't process that without adding a romantic/sexual context, we guess.

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"But it was weirder when he came on to do the solo stuff and I started doing my Harry research, writing questions and stuff, and when I Googled him I was like, 'This is actually a thing!As if the lack of photos of them holding hands, kissing, etc.weren't enough, the BBC Radio 1 DJ has now stated point-blank whether or not he is dating – or had ever dated – the former One Direction star. Not at all," he told "It wasn't very weird at the time, it's weirder now."But I don't know, it was something we never actually discussed together." Grimshaw also recalled a time where a fan asked if he was actually the father of the 'Sign of the Times' singer, before pointing out that there was only nine years difference between the pair."She was like, 'You must be proud of him.' And I was like, 'Yeah, I guess so...' And she was like, 'Are you his dad? Earlier this week, Grimshaw announced that was stepping down from hosting Radio 1's breakfast show, with Greg James stepping in to take over the iconic show.

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