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Row Fail - When clicked, the Row Fail state is enabled.

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I would have loved to have used a conventional bound grid view but this is what I have to use because of how our existing code is written. Does not fit my needs because it keeps getting called whenever I move focus..if there was not change in value. Cell Validating "Occurs when a cell loses input focus, enabling content validation." Does not seem to do what I need either. Cell Value Changed "Occurs when the value of a cell changes." This fires every time I change the value...before shifting focus. I really don't know if I am using the right event and or not setting a property somewhere or not calling a certain method to change the state of the grid view. Thanks, John Use the Cellvalidating event to check if the value has changed or not put it on globale Boolean and save the current cell row index and column, and on the Selection Changed event check if the value change : if it hasn't change use Datagrid Current Cell to put the focus on the save index row and column saved Use a combination of events; When a Cell Value Changed event is fired, set a flag indicating that the value changed.

Please note..is an unbound grid view that is populated programmatically. Cell Validated "Occurs after the cell has finished validating." This fires when I change a cell value..then afterwards every time I change cell focus regardless of if I actually change a cell value after the first time.I also do the following: The problem I'm seeing is that if I check the checkbox at runtime by clicking on it, the On Cell Value Changed doesn't get raised (verified both by my program not responding, as well as breakpoints not being hit).Then as soon as I select a different cell with the mouse, the event gets raised.It's as if the Cell End Edit doesn't get raised until the cell gets deselected.I'd like the rest of my application to immediately respond as soon as the user checks the checkbox and not have to wait for the user to deselect it. I've also tried: * Cell Validating * Cell Validated * Cell Value Changed But all seem to work the same - they require the user to select a different cell.

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