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My father was a military officer and my mother was a housewife, and I assumed I would follow her footsteps.I am a member of a conservative Baptist church, and it is the norm to be married off and support the husband.I work in a warehouse, not an exciting career, and I gagged when I read this book about single gals who had stellar careers and were at the point of finally buying a house on their own. The book actually made me more depressed because I did not measure up to the standard of living that these other ladies possessed.

Sure having a rock on the hand is nice, but what is even better is to have God’s glorious Word encrusted and embellishing your heart forever!I know there is a contingency of female readers who read your blog and Berkhof’s systematic theology among other things.The paradox of being an older female single in the Reformed camp.Instead I look to blogs by men that talk about the workforce in today’s society and other issues my married female counter-parts don’t have to face as often.So I wanted to encourage the other gals out there, who are flummoxed and bewildered at their current status in life, to still praise God.

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