Rejection in dating

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And eventually, I endured the ultimate form of rejection: The man who promised to be by my side till “death do us part” changed his mind.

One of the most famous statements by renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow is that self-actualizers are “independent of the good opinion of other people.” Even though so many of us have heard Maslow’s or a similar statement, rejection continues to bring up our most negative emotions. How do we join the ranks of Maslow’s self-actualizers? This means you can decide to interpret rejection as evidence of someone’s perception rather than as evidence of your flawed nature.

Confusing rejection with feedback For those of you that are ultra sensitive, any sort opinion or action that doesn’t immediately appear positive or is even too neutral can be cause for concern and self-doubt.Being fearful however, that someone isn’t going to find you attractive, successful or interesting enough, is a real hindrance in the dating world.It can slow down your progress in love and cause you to miss amazing opportunities that you’re too blinkered to notice. Rejection is merely a person making a choice about their life that doesn’t include you.Narrow down your own fears of rejection in to specifics and then ask yourself how feel about that area of your life.What can you change, so that your attitude develops and it is no longer a hang-up for you? So, it may be hard to believe that there is anything at all positive about your fear but actually, there is.

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