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After the creation of the world, he went to live with the ancestral spirits.

Legend has it said that family members depart the physical for the ancestral world after death to protect the living.

Historically, it has been said that they were against human traffic so much so that those looking for people to enslave avoided them.

I think we all remember the scene where human traffickers are attacked and bloodily dismissed.

It is also known as “grand boubou” in Francophone West African countries.

The Ndebele neck hoops used to be a status symbol in society.

Massai: Much of the uniforms worn by the Dora Milage are reminiscent of the Massai Warriors.

Massai Wariors have adopted a semi-nomadic lifestyle and live throughout Tanzania and Kenya.

My mom has some boubous in her closet and we are from Central Africa! Tuareg Scarfs: These are indigo-dyed cotton clothing that can be worn as a veil or turban.

The Tuareg scarfs are extremely long and worn by Tuareg Amazighs in North Africa—primarily living in the Maghreb, a notoriously wind-born sand area.

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