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Our moderation team manually check photos and personal ads across the site and a built-in screening system helps identify suspicious accounts, remove them and prevent re-registration.While we are confident that our measures ensure a high level of security, we urge members to maintain vigilance while dating online and report any suspicious profiles to safeguard other members.

No matter how earnest or tempting the offer, never send money or financial information to anyone claiming to have a business idea you can cash in on.

Winking indicates you appreciate them getting in touch and that you’re inviting them to make further contact.

If someone has taken the time to email you and ask questions, it’s important that you reply with the same care and consideration.

Stories about when you fainted in front of George Clooney and held a tarantula in Oz will make for excellent conversation starters when you get to meet your date in person, so save them for that moment!

Being ultra-careful about spelling and grammar will highlight your intelligence as well as the care you have taken in sending the message.

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