Ryan tedder dating

If I hadn't met him, I think I'd still be that little girl I was when I was eighteen.And the best thing is, I now know what I want for myself and from someone else. Fueled by her heartbreak the singer composed 21 in the aftermath of the separation, and used music as an outlet for her anger and depression.

I can do things that I never dreamed I'd be able to do.

He got me interested in film and literature and food and wine and traveling and politics and history, and those were things I was never, ever interested in." The relationship ended two years later, when the couple "fell out of love with each other." The ensuing break-up drove her to alcoholism, and left her "angry, bitter, lonely and devastated," she stated that it may take her "ten years to recover." In an interview with Out, the singer explained that she would have given up her "career, [her] friendships, [and] hobbies" just to be with her ex lover: He was my soul mate.

We had everything—on every level we were totally right. And for ages I was like, As if he deserves any fucking kudos for inspiring my record.

The song "Someone Like You" was also written about the man after finding out from a very close friend that her ex-lover had become engaged shortly after Adele's relationship with him ended.

The song was one of the few tracks in which Adele approached him pleadingly rather than in an accusatory manner.

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