Sagitarrius dating piecies

This can easily be resolved between you, and the good news is that you never have to tell a Virgo twice.His considerate nature will recoil from the thought of hurting you, and his behavior will amend, turning the criticism into wise advice; this is a gift that you can give him.

Perhaps your psychic nature will open up his ability to give, and enable him to acknowledge his own gifts and break free of limiting obligations.

He may have a hard time with your tendency to be loose with money, and he may take time to get used to your flirtatious nature (it's something you do instinctually), but his ability to communicate with you on a deep level, and his careful attention to your needs is well worth the wait and the effort.

It's easy to talk things out with him, and he'll certainly leave room to fantasize with you, because no one else seems to understand him this way, and the feeling, as well as the chemistry, is mutual.

It's possible that you'll sense that your dreams and ideas are safe with him, and it's fairly certain that he'll feel safe to open up with you.

You probably have a tendency to be everyone's "shoulder to cry on", but he'll naturally perform the same service for you, without being asked.

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