Santino marella dating tamina

Nikki Cross is another dominant female star on the NXT brand who has been able to prove that she is much more than just another female wrestler.Nikki is a former Independent star and she thrived before WWE decided to sign her to the company and make her the only female member of Sanity.Baszler has that look about her that makes many believe that she would destroy anyone who stood in her path, which is why men have cleared the way for Shayna.

It also ensures that the WWE Universe is only talking about her for the right reasons.To some women, making history is much more important than making friends or starting relationships.Of course, while there are many women in the company right now who want to be known and remembered purely for their wrestling ability, there are many who have become best remembered for their backstage reputation and the fact that they dated a large number of WWE stars during their time in the company rather than anything they were able to do inside the squared circle.Sunny has gleefully shared details of her interactions with these stars over the past few years, which is one of the reasons why the company has tried to put as much distance between themselves and her over the past few years.Shayna Baszler was the runner-up of the first ever Mae Young Classic when she was defeated by Kairi Sane in the final of the tournament last summer.

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