Sedating cats for car travel

As with all medications, you can encounter plenty of disadvantages to sedating your cat for even a short period of time.

If you’re like most people, you might be wondering, should I sedate my cat for travel or not?

” “Hey, this carrier is supposed to hold 2 cats…they don’t look comfortable. ” “Wait, I forgot the pads to place in the bottom of the carrier.

Oh my God, we have to unpack the car to get the cats in there….” Yeah, it was midnight. Everyone, including the cats, was stressed out and barely on speaking terms. Let’s just say the journey wasn’t any better either. Some cats are going to be stressed and irritated no matter how feng shui you make your car and the cat carrier.

Some of the side effects include: While these side effects might be rare and could be potentially harmless, you should be aware of the risk.

Benadryl has even more side effects for cats that you will likely wish to avoid while traveling.

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