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We’ve been working together for over two years on an experience called the 12 Essential Ways To a Love That Lasts, which is a 12-week relationship journey that covers the 12 essential ways to have a Love That Lasts.Alyssa wrote a guidebook for women and I wrote a guidebook for men.Now, you may be wondering: “You’ve only been married four years, what do you know?” Valid question and kind of funny; we sort of agree!Many of those are listed under resources on our website.

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Marriage coaches also give support, encouragement, and accountability as the client/s move forward in achieving those goals. Mentoring is typically an older couple passing on experiences to a younger couple.

PAIRS (The Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) We are licensed as Christian PAIRS instructors.

These communication skills were God’s lifeline to us to help us get unstuck in our communication and conflict resolution.

Many people spend as many waking hours at work as they do at home, so those relationships are important also.

Sharon has worked with businesses, home school leadership teams, chambers of commerce, and church small group leadership teams, using the assessments for individuals and for team building workshops.

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