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The configuration loader was written as Lita Dotenv and went through 2 releases.

The first was to hardcode functionality so that it worked.

In an enterprise chat setting, it’s common to specifically address a bot to reduce noise by responding when the bot user is specifically addressed.

On the other hand, in a SMS environment since the user is typically communicating individually with a bot and may not even realize they are talking with a bot so addressing the bot is awkward.

This article describes what I did to build this out using the Lita Chat Ops bot framework, Ring Central SMS APIs, a Zendesk test account and Heroku.

This b0t was presented as a demo at the 2016 Ring Central Connect Central Conference for those that attended the session.

A MVP adapter requires a few things: Messaging platforms use a variety of different approaches for this including Web Sockets, XMPP and Pub Nub.

Some useful use cases I’ve had with SMSbots include: After talking to a few people in the industry that had similar good experiences with SMSbots, it was time to build a SMSbot.

Unlike past SMSbots that were built on their own stack, the recent surge in popularity of chatbots as resulted in a number of open source chatbot frameworks with start to draw bots, APIs and open source ever closer.

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