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She sees your message and thinks you are not interesting and then sees your profile and boom… A message funnel is a list of the first 3 messages that are used first. This is done to screen women for interest levels and positive are now getting the same treatment as all the other men she doesn’t want to talk to. Note: Its a bad idea to get excited about a girl before you have gone through all three messages.If you are a troll who likes to bait girls into stupid conversations I have a message for you. overly sexual, used the internet and changed tone = MEGA FAIL! Some guys thing that you need to insult women in order to win them over.

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A woman wants a man of equal or higher value than herself. You cant go for an interview for a job and ask for a promotion. If you make an observation about her photos it should be way more intriguing. However some girls will add photos to try get more guys to comment on them.

In order to do that, you need to know what those dicks are doing wrong. Just by avoiding these classic categories your chances go way up. This guy thinks that by using the word love it will trigger a response in a woman. Women want love but they can see right through this guy’s game.

First Message – Bad First Impressions Most men are making a terrible first impression via text. He then shows the girl that he’s not sure if she will be interested. This guy has done the same thing and is not sure if she is interested. Women are primarily turned on by a mans behavior more then his looks.

Best case scenario this message is just very badly translated. How many girls will this guy get overly sexual with and freak out? “hope we get to know each other more.” – needy “nice photos” – she knows she has nice photos. ” – Mega Needy Its almost too easy to come across needy. The internet is good for so many things including giving out bad advice. There are many trolls online who swear it worked for them. Changing the tone of your messages in the middle of a conversation is jarring and confusing.

Its up to smart guys to cut through all the strange shit that gets sent to women and make them feel positive about the interaction. The fact that he didn’t come up with it and thought that it was a good idea to use makes this creepy. Broadcasting it loudly will end things permanently. Giving head is slang for eating pussy and abruptly changing to “how are you?

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