Soul mates dating and chicago Eroti chats

So, to truly have a satisfying relationship, an individual must not only give up the search for a "perfect" partner, but also be willing to admit they are not always "perfect just as they are" as well.Only then can two people work together, grow, evolve, and meet each other's needs in the long run. Attraction for more dating and relationship advice (in helpful categories)!Ultimately, no one is perfect - or a perfect fit for a partner.

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However, when problems inevitably arise, believers in soul mates often don't cope well and leave the relationship instead.

It may cause them to give up when things are not perfect (but may be still good or great).

It may motivate them to not compromise, work, or change, when others don't love them completely for being exactly as they are.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you hold the idea that there is one person (or just a few), who is uniquely compatible with you?

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