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Come to a public event to meet them before you join!Our attention to details gives us a 'leg up' on other groups as we pride ourselves on our creativity.Whether we are chartering a bus to take us to Rocky Point, Booking rooms for a San Diego or Las Vegas weekend, or maybe a full weeks vacation in San Diego, Turks & Caicos or a Caribbean Cruise (planned for February 2020).We have thought of everything so you can just RSVP, attend and have a great time!After the free introductory period in June and July 2019, all members must pass a background check so that we can weed out Felons, Violent Offenders and Sexual Criminals.

Take a look at other groups and check them out on review websites like and others to find out more.There are lots of groups out there and quite frankly, we were disappointed with most of them.(see below) Some charged ,000 to join and were high-pressure sales.If there are less than 10 people, many people will not want to go and will not RSVP.Even when they do RSVP there can be over a 60% flake factor, meaning that if 10 people RSVP, you are lucky to have 4 show up.

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